The Father is the only unseen character in Among The Sleep. He is the divorced husband of The Mother and the father of The Toddler. He can be heard at the end of the game.

In The EndEdit

After answering the door to an unknown caller, his wife hands his son a present: a Teddy Bear, and then leaves the toddler upstairs in his bedroom with the new toy.

In the last area, the son will hear the father and the mother arguing over their divorce, and who has the right to raise the son. He repeatedly visiting his ex-wife, who fell into depression and severe alcoholism after the divorce. The bottles seen throughout the game are a constant reminder of her alcoholism. It is unknown whether or not the drinking and abuse started before or after the divorce. Teddy is also the present given to his son by himself, who in fact cared for his son more than his wife.

Hearing a knock at the door, the son will pick up Teddy and open the door. The father's voice can only be heard happily greeting his son, and saying that he will repair Teddy. The ending suggests the father not only reunited with his son, but also may have regained partial or full-custody.


  • He has a similar voice to Teddy, implying that he is a representation of him and is repeating things that he has said. A picture of him is seen on the floor in The Closet.
  • In the DLC prequel, bright silhouettes of him and his wife appear, often accompanied with distorted arguing. In one of these, he appears to be about to hit his wife, with her crumpled on the ground under defense.
    • This along with other things naturally sparked a lot of controversy on the possibility that he was abusive to her, but some evidence may point otherwise. First, the arguments may have been about her addiction to wine. It is possible he was trying to get her to quit, but she either wouldn't or couldn't stop. As a result, the marriage began to fall apart. Second, it is possible she was drunk and about to harm his son. He, then, was merely protecting him from her and then harming his own wife in the process. In this case, the divorce could have been because he recognized she was getting too violent towards their son, or she felt that he was abusive towards her which will cause confusion to the child.
    • He is the monster with the cane in the prologue.