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Among the Sleep is a first-person survival horror action-adventure. You play as a the The Toddler and are the main protagonist. You are tasked with finding your mother and are accompanied by a sentient teddy bear called Teddy.In order to locate and find The Mother the player must locate four "memories".

Throughout the game, the player is followed by two monsters: The Forest Lady (Hydra) that haunts the first three levels and the The Coat Monster (Heap) who haunts the final level. There is another one but it doesn't hunt you.

The game is largely linear and involves going from point A to B though the expansive environment with multiple obstacles may induce the feeling of being lost. After some time exploring the player's house, the player is taken to a dreamlike location with a gingerbread house-like hut that serves as a sort of hub level. The house contains a circular door that leads to a new level, surrounded by four containers where "memories" obtained from each level are stored. After the player finds a memory and heads to a tube at the end of the level, they will be returned to this hut.


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